Campus Coaches English

Campus Coaches English

Doing a PhD is often accompanied with vague feelings of dismay, struggles and disappointments, whereas it can be such a beautiful way to shape your love and enthusiasm for research. Too often, you are left on your own too much. We want that PhD candidates reconnect with a network that has and supports lust for research.

We, the Campus Coaches, help you to finish your PhD with energy and enduring motivation.

We support and coach you to:

  • enlarge self knowledge and recognize pitfalls
  • solve motivational problems
  • handle conflicts
  • increase your research skills
  • manage time and plan well
  • write and
  • orient yourself to a career.

To meet us and our expertise, we organize Tastings (brochure). Do you also want a Tasting at your own university? Contact us via In this booklet (English translation starts at page 20) you also find some information about what we have to offer.

The Campus Coaches are coaches, trainers and scientists with a broad range of expertise. This enables you to chose whatever you need to work faster, better and with more motivation. Most of the Campus Coaches have a PhD themselves and know from first-hand experience what it means to be a PhD candidate.

These are the Campus Coaches:

Behind the Campus Coaches is a large network of experts to whom we can refer you for specific issues if necessary. This allows us to offer the tailor-made service a PhD needs.