Gift box research or die

Gift box research or die



This unique collectable, designed for Campus Orleon by Dutch artist Loes ten Anscher, makes an excellent gift box for all those die-hard researchers out there.

The 15 by 21 by 4,5 centimeters cardboard box is black to remind us that in any kind of research, we always encounter a leap of faith and so all research carries a ‘black box’ element in itself.

The 40 by 40 centimeters white handkerchief has a button sewn into one of its corners to remind us that “Certainty is fatal to Inquiry” or “Inquiry is fatal to certainty”, depending on which way you start to read.

The 5 by 2 centimeters stamp allows you to declare that your findings are “GUARANTEED VALUE FREE”.

As suits black boxes well, there is an extra surprise gift inside.

Drop a mail to if you want to pick up the Research or Die gift box yourself (location Nijmegen, the Netherlands). Don’t forget to add the appropriate postal package if you want us to send it to you. To order the appropriate package, continu under "Productvarianten" and choose the second “Gift box research or die” for delivery within the Netherlands (€ 6,75), the third for delivery within Europe (€ 7,50) and the fourth for delivery outside Europe (€ 11,00).


€ 25,00